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Welcome!! My name is Simone, and I am the founder and CEO of Blue Brain Creations. I created Blue Brain Creations with one thing in mind: psychology. I have 2 completed degrees (Bachelor's and Master's) and working towards my Ph.D. in Psychology. I believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. Yet, we sometimes allow our mental health to take significant hits before realizing that we are incredibly stressed and anxious.


I feel that we need to change how we view our mental health, and to start doing that, we should focus on taking care of ourselves (i.e., SELF-FREAKING CARE!!!!).

Blue Brain Creations was created to bring awareness to mental health, but Mental Health Month is in May and BIPOC Mental Health Month is in July! 

It started when I wanted to create t-shirts (technically, I still do, but more to come on that in the future), but I wanted to bring notice to jocks. I went to a school in St. Louis (GO HAWKS!!!!) where they provided the athletes these shirts that said dumb jocks. Obviously, they weren't because it was for students with high GPAs. Still, it was wise to indicate how the world sometimes perceives athletes dumb and big-headed because they play sports. I didn't think about this in high school because, obviously, I was busy doing other stuff! This idea came to me back in 2015/2016 when I wanted to create t-shirts representing how mentally prepared and aware academic, athletic students are. Still, that venture didn't pan out the way I intended.

Fast forward to 2019, when I was looking forward to creating something more socially aware about one's mental state and started creating bath products. I wasn't officially ready to begin operating a business at the time. Still, the idea of starting it never left my mind. Now picture it, America (stuck in the home) 2020, you have nowhere to go, nothing else to do except for washing your hands and the rest of your body, so it became…..BLUE BRAIN CREATIONS!!!!! I officially took that leap and decided it was the right time to open my little company. Prioritizing mental health for myself and my family, friends, and random strangers like to follow me on social media. I want this to be a safe space where mental health is a standard topic to bring awareness, and included in that is learning ways to manage self-care.

Blue Brain Creations symbolizes how my brain looks whenever my mental health takes a toll after not indulging in proper self-care because SELF-CARE ROCKS!! I love to talk about mental health and its impact on our daily lives, whether we indulge in self-care or not. I believe that it should be a priority to take care of your mental health and/or any mental health condition that you live with. So with that being said, please feel free to look around, send us a message or email, make a purchase or follow us on social media. We would love to hear from our customers about how you indulge in self-care and/or if you purchased something. Let us know by tagging us @bluebraincreations and using #bluebraincreations on Instagram and Facebook.